We like to work collaboratively and interdisciplinary with our clients and team members. We look for innovative and long lasting relationships.


EDWARD horne
Creative director

Horne is an artist/designer and also fabricator. He brings his prowess of an artist to fabrication, installation and high end finishes. He is king of logistics and wrangling large scale objects, vehicles and personnel. With over 20 years experience, he is known for his expertise in fabrication, realisation and installation for the public realm; design consultant, construction manager, provocateur, collaborator, educator and innovator of interdisciplinary approaches to ancient architectural materials.


creative director

Haywood is artist and designer. Her expertise is in the blending of ancient technologies with new materials. She is a specialist in textiles, graphics and colour.
She is known for her costume, art finishing, extensive research, unique design and high craft skills.She works closely with clients to finesse the details.


The team

We have access to a large network of master craftspeople and technicians: sculptors, mould makers, weavers, electronics designers, stone masons, glass blowers, scenic artists, blacksmiths, joiners, landscape architects, metal + wood workers…